For Wishes imedded in RICENAL for women



The letter 糖 derivers from a combination of letters "rice"(米) and "health"(健康).
Rice as traditional staple diet for Japanese has been condensed into a beauty care producs as in the form of oil.


This one bottle of cosmetic product that gives care to all your body from head to toe has enjoyed wide popularity among modern women who are efficiency-conscious. Ingredients are all natural, blended width basis on rice oil generated from highly selected, domestic rice. This all natural cosmetic care will dramatically change your everyday body-care time into a blissful, healing space. The beauty effect of the rice will also help you get slim get rid of the cellulite and stretch mark on your body.


The product is blended with rose essence oil generated through distilling rare,organic wild rose.Rose aroma is known as all mighty for its effect of reinvigorating femaile hormone and also relaxing your mind. By blending this proficient beauty function of rose essence oil with the rice oil, the product delivers transparency and firm tone to your skin, releasing you from all stress once embraced by the comfort aroma.

Why making the Rice Oil a Main Ingredient?

Rice Oil, which is extracted from rice sugar, has strong
functionality and includes rich amount of ingredients that
necessary for skin-care.

Features of {RICENAL}

  1. ①Safe and secure Because it is plant oil made from domestically grown product.
  2. ②Great penetrating and moisturizing effect while hardly making your skin greasy.
  3. ③Multi-functional and effective ingredients.
  4. ④Blended with wild rose essence oil whose aroma always enjoys best popularity for any generation

Main Ingredients Composing Rice Oil

As RICENAL includes a rich amount of vitamin E and orizanol, an anti-oxidation ingredient known for its high wound-repair and anti-aging effect.
The product is a best body care for women who are concerned with cellulite and stretchmark.

Features of Rice Oil

Safe and Secure
Rice oil is extracted from rice bran and germ that are generated when plishing un-milled ric. Though oil, it is well known for its dry and un-greasy features. Among a number of plant oil, rice oil has a very htigh level of light-stability, which will be retained through long time without degradation.
Highly versatility,applicable to your hair to your toe nails
As it is oil, the product can be used for your damaged hair, dried all out from UV, hair perm and coloring. Used as an cuticle oil, is also well penetrates through hard texture like nails.
Beauty ingredients only found in rice oil
γorizanol, a nutrient only found in rice bran, has high anti-oxidation effect and whitening effect to suppresses the amount of oxygen which usually generates melanin. Nutrient in the oil usually gets reduced in the manufacturing process if the oil is extracted by surface acting agents. However, RICENAL applies compressing method for extracting its oil, so that it can contain a rich amount of nutrient of beauty effect.
An oil that makes best match for Japanese
Rice oil has been long appreciated since old time for its function of making an oil layer over people's skin and helping maintain, when applied and smoothed. It is natural oil that has been ling enjoyed by people to prevent rough skins on hands and faces.



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Usage that can be applied to your whole body